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About Me

A professionally trained actress and winner of 5 Earphone Awards with decades of experience on stage, film and TV, I have worked with Denzel Washington, Harrison Ford, and Kevin Hart, among others. A nonfiction and political junkie, I was the voice of CNN and Headline News for over 5 years and the narrator of a blue ribbon-winning documentary at the New York Film festival. Besides my passion for narrative nonfiction, I excel at character-driven fiction and giving listeners a cinematic experience. My strong comedic skills were honed with years performing sketch comedy with Jeff Foxworthy, and New Vaudeville variety shows (where I learned to spin plates!) My degree in music and years as a jazz vocalist contributed to my award-winning narration of Unlikely Angel, the Songs of Dolly Parton.


Clockwise from top left: A Man For All Seasons, Atlanta Shakespeare Tavern; Tales of Edgar Alan Poe, Center for Puppetry Arts; "Bambola" with the DeLuxe Vaudeville Orchestra; with Denzel Washington in "Flight."

Equally comfortable on both sides of the mic, I have worked on numerous projects as a director for Brilliance audio. My love of legal fiction and nonfiction developed as an adjunct professor at Emory School of Law where I taught students storytelling techniques to be more persuasive in the Courtroom. 

Narration Demos

What I like to do

In the world of fiction, my favorite things to narrate are character-driven fiction with a strong sense of place, often found in Southern fiction, juvenile or middle grade books, mysteries, and comedy.

In nonfiction, I am passionate about the intersection of law, human rights and the environment as it has played out through history. 

My newfound loves are juvenile fiction, mystery and – feminist horror! As part of the LGBTQ community, I am a founding member of the Digging Dykes of Decatur Garden Club.

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I continually recreate my gardens, because that's the Southern thing to do. I dabble in watercolor, and I spin the wool I knit because knitting isn't weird enough. 

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